• What do I need to implement the solution?

    You will need a smartphone and a good 4G network coverage (to operate the queue and for text message reception for your customers).

    What is the procedure to follow if I am interested?

    If you are interested, send us an email to anti-covid@lineberty.com and we will contact you within 24 hours to present the solution and answer your questions. We will then ask you for information relating to your establishment(s): name, address, type of service to be equipped.

    Once you subscribe to the solution, you will receive your Lineberty access and a deployment kit within 48 hours.

    What does the 49 € excl. VAT/line/month package include?

    The 49 € excl VAT / month package includes:

    • a call to present the solution
    • the implementation of the solution
    • a deployment kit describing how to implement and use the solution
    • The access to the Lineberty administration and management interface

    How do I open and close the line?

    Customer registration becomes open when a staff member logs in to the interface on his mobile. Tickets can be validated as soon as the location has opened. The staff member can "Allow" or “Stop" new registrations from the interface at any time without logging out. This allows, as the end of the day, to close reservations while continuing to serve the tickets already taken. When the operator logs out, reservations are automatically closed.

    How are customers alerted that it is their turn?

    The visitor is alerted twice by push notification or text message:

    1.  First when there are only 2 people in front of him ("It's nearly your turn!")
    2. Second when he's next in the line ("it's your turn!")

    When the visitor takes his ticket from the Lineberty mobile website (with a smartphone), he can follow the progress of his position in the queue in real time.

    How to operate the queue?

    A staff member is typically positioned at the entrance of the location or service to manage. On the interface, all registered, late and validated tickets are displayed.

    When a customer is called and presents himself to the staff member, he checks his ticket number and then clicks on "validate“. This action automatically calls the next ticket.

    A priority customer, who has not been alerted or called yet, can be served by anticipation in 2 clicks ("call" and "validate“) by the staff member.

    What happens if I want to stop calling new customers for a moment?

    When a customer registers, his position in the queue will be communicated to him. If the staff member wishes to stop calling new customers, he simply stops validating the tickets : the position of each customer in the queue will remain unchanged until he starts validating tickets again

    What to do if a visitor does not show up?

    If a customer does not show up, the staff member clicks on "No show" and can then validates the next ticket. If the customer presents himself within 10 minutes, the operator can choose whether to let him pass or ask him to register again.

    What should the customer do if he wishes to cancel his visit?

    Customers can cancel their tickets at any time, either from the mobile website in 1 click, or by sending “C" by text message in response to the previous text message. The staff member can also cancel a ticket from his mobile interface.

    What if a visitor does not wish to register?

    We recommend you use Lineberty for 100% of your flow. In this case, if a customer does not want to register on the mobile website (through the QR code), the staff member can register for him either with a mobile number (which sends a text message), or without anything. In this case, the customer will have to wait close to the entrance and will be called by the staff member when his turn comes.
    You can also use Lineberty for part of the flow, as a sort of priority lane for customers having registered

    How to manage the periods without visitors ?

    After a period of without visitors, the first person to arrive, does not need to take a ticket. However, for the 2nd visitor and beyond, the operator (or greeter) must communicate on the registration process.

    Thus, when the 2nd person takes a ticket, he receives a notification telling him it's his turn, whereas he is actually the next one in the virtual queue.

    In this case :

    • When the operator treats the first visitor, he may create a virtual ticket from his interface. Then, the number of people indicated on the client web app is correct. This process also enables accurate counting on the number of visitors at the end of the day. 
    • if this process is too demanding, the operator should inform the second visitor that he is the next one in the queue. Meanwhile, he can wait at the entrance, in the waiting room or inside the establishment. 

    How to manage several entrances to a location?

    If the different entrances lead to different services, each service will have its own and independent line. All lines will be accessed through the same QR code and mobile website. If the different lines lead to the same service, several staff members can connect in parallel to the same interface to operate the line.

    Who can I contact if there is a problem with the solution?

    If you subscribe to the solution, you will be given a support email address that you can contact 7/7 in the case of an incident.

    What if I want to equip my establishment with a personalized solution?

    If you want a specific configuration for your establishment (s), send us an email to contact@lineberty.com so we can send you a personalized quote

    What if I want to end my subscription?

    If you no longer want to use the Lineberty solution, simply send an email to contact@lineberty.com to unsuscribe

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