Virtual Queue & Appointment Management Solution


    Optimize your customer experience and your business by digitalizing queues


  • Lineberty, the solution that queues up for your customers

    Lineberty enables your customers to take a digital ticket and avoid a physical queue :


    Your customers select when they wish to pass according to the availability of the place equipped with the solution. Once they have their digital ticket, they can follow in real time their waiting time and will be notified in the case of a delay. They enjoy their free time instead of waiting in line. Lineberty warns them when it's their turn and invites them to pass without waiting!

  • Trusted by dozens of industries

  • customer of the Lineberty solution to digitalize the queues
  • 4 M

    Edited Lineberty tickets in 2020

    3,3 M

    Digitized waiting hours


    Customer satisfaction

  • lineberty key outcome

  • Lineberty virtual lines improve customer satifaction

    Enhanced customer 


    Waiting time becomes a positive experience: more free time, less stress, no uncertainty for your customers.

    Lineberty online queues increase additional  turnover



    By preventing your customers from waiting unnecessarily, you reduce the drop-out rate and increase their average basket.

    Lineberty virtual line creates better working conditions


    working conditions

    By eliminating physical waiting, not only your customers are more relaxed, but you also free up space and reduce ambient noise, which improves significantly the working conditions of your employees.

    Targeted Customer relationship with Lineberty queue management software

    Targeted customer 


    By engaging in dialogue with your clients on when they want to be served, you have the opportunity to send them customized messages "in the right place at the right time"

    Lineberty digital queue system creates operational excellence



    The analytics platform of the solution enables a better prediction of peaks and troughs of traffic, therefore better management of your resources.

    Lineberty queue management system has top-notch algorithm



    The solution can manage massive flows, support degraded network conditions and predicts while updating in real time the wait based on specific characteristics of each use case.

    Lineberty queue management software is a modular solution



    The solution has a catalog of features which enable the management of all types of queues. Lineberty can handle the waiting for access to a place or a service, appointments advise, checkout, ...

    Lineberty, solution that digitizes the queues, can be integrated in your solution

    Integrable solution in your interfaces

    With Lineberty APIs, you can very easily propose the innovative service directly in your solutions (App, Web app, website, ...).

    Lineberty queue management system - Easy and cost-effective roll out

    Easy and cost-effective

     roll out

    With SAAS operating mode, Lineberty is easy to deploy and accessible from any type of device connected to the internet.

  •  Monoprix removes queues with Lineberty

    « An innovative solution that enabled us to significantly increase our customer satisfaction »

    Marketing Director - Monoprix

     Leroy Merlin manages virtual lines with Lineberty

    « It's an application that really changes the everyday life! »

    Workshop Operator

     Air France sets up dematerialized queues with Lineberty

    « Today Lineberty is a daily tool that helps us capture clients data »

    Relationship Excellence Director - Air France

    Intersport remove queues with Lineberty

    "It is beneficial for customers who are more relaxed and for us, it allows to make additional sales"

    Member - Intersport

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