• To ensure customer safety and comfort

    You will have to filter access

    to your store

    When stores start to reopen, social distancing measures will remain for a while. Thus, you will likely have to limit the number of customers in the store at the same time for each store.

    …without creating a waiting line outside

    In order to prevent your customers from waiting in long lines outside, which may be stressful, you need a solution to avoid these waiting lines.

  • Lineberty, expert in waiting lines digitalization and appointments scheduling, has packaged a specific version of the solution to help you handle the situation

    • Your customers will not have to wait in long lines in front of your store 
    • A smartphone is all you need to manage the virtual waiting line
    • No training is required for your staff
    • You can start using the solution 48h after your subscription
  • How does it work

    Registration in the  waiting line

    Registration in the

    waiting line

    Customers discover the service through communication at the entrance of the store (poster, greeter,..) or from a digital campaign (email, website,…). They scan a QR code with their smartphones*, land on a web app and register in the line.

    Digitalized waiting time  & alerts

    Digitalized waiting time

    & alerts

    Customers enjoy their free time away from the store, in their cars or at home. In real time, they can follow the progress of their position in the waiting line. When their turn approaches, they are notified on their mobile phone and are invited to get closer to the store.

    Entering the store

    Entering the store


    When it’s their turn, they get a second notification and can enter the store. Their digital tickets are validated by an employee, and this activates the rest of the waiting line.

    * Customers without a smartphone can register by giving orally their mobile numbers and they will be notified by SMS. Customers without any phone can also register, but they will have to wait near the entrance and will be called when their turn comes. The solution enables, if needed, to prioritize customers with a specific profile (elderly, pregnant women,…).

    If you already have a client App, you can very easily integrate our registration interface in it, through a webview.

  • The solution benefits

    Respect social distancing

    Relieve customers’ stress

    Improve working conditions for your staff

    Monitor the traffic in your store

  • Monthly license (with no time commitment) 49€/month per waiting line*

    * Excluding potential SMS costs

  • I am interested!

    You are interested and want to get a demo?

    Suscribe with your contact details and the type and number of locations you consider for the service.

    We will respond within 24 hours to set up a demo and answer your questions.

    You want to move forward and set-up the solution. You will receive a purchase order to sign and return.

    Once the signed purchase order is received, you will have within 48 hours:

    • Your Lineberty access ID
    • A set-up and usage notice with detailed guidelines
    You will only need to print the POS display and a smartphone to start using the service.

    Monthly license (with no time commitment) 49€/month per waiting line*

    * Excluding potential SMS costs

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