• The "best in class" solution to cater any use case

    Thanks to a fully customizable algorithm, Lineberty manages all the waiting issues to access a place: checkout, fitting room, counter, advisor, attraction and much more!

  • Digitalisation of waiting in retail


    Maximize customer satisfaction and limit drop-outs by removing physical queues

    In store, the customer waits several times during his shopping experience and may become discouraged ... Surveys show that 89% of visitors have already left a store because of long queues. Now, you can optimize the customer journey for maximum satisfaction and greater consumption!

    Remove queues in offices networks

    Offices network

    Improve support for your customers by pre-qualifying their visit pattern and customer data

    The customer sometimes waits a long time for simple information... Save him time and energy by guaranteeing him a precise passage schedule according to his needs!

    Virtual queues in theme park

    Theme park

    Improve visitor satisfaction by allowing access to as many attractions as possible without queuing

    Instead of standing in endless queues, the visitor and his family can now organize their day as they wish ... Between attractions, photo shoots, shows, restaurants and gift shops, new opportunities are now offered to them!

    Queue management solution during trade show events

    Trade show / events

    Optimize the attractiveness of your events thanks to the decongestion of waiting areas

    At shows or events, queues reinforce the stress of visitors and make their organization more complex due to the uncertainty of the wait. The queues prevent them from enjoying other entertainments. With Lineberty, give your visitors the control on their time and optimize the comfort of your exhibitors!

    Optimize queues in transport


    Make the wait in your airports a good experience for your passengers by giving them more freedom

    A passenger is constantly waiting in lines: check-in, police check, passage to the screening station, boarding, baggage retrieval, border control, ... Lineberty optimizes the customer experience by eliminating any perception of waiting!

    Virtual lines at tourist sites

    Tourist attractions

    Improve accessibility and experience for your visitors by equipping your site with Lineberty!

    Tourist sites are likely to attract many visitors and sometimes generate endless queues! Lineberty gives your visitors more freedom to discover your site!

    Digital lines in administration


    Increase in efficiency thanks to optimized customer flow management

    Depending on the reason for his visit and the urgency of his need, the visitor can select the first availability or make an appointment the current or upcoming days.

    Virtual lines in restaurant


    Create customer loyalty by offering an experience without waiting!

    Due to the diversity of the offer, consumers have become demanding. Your customers expect to be taken in charge, to be served and to pay without waiting. Reduce the wait significantly in your restaurants thanks to Lineberty!

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