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The 5 rules for opening your establishment safely

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global crises. Governments all around the world are unanimous : to eliminate the pandemic, social distancing has to be maintained. Although many countries are in lockdown, certain establishments have to stay open and deal with large queues.

We have decided to share the 5 best ways to manage the queues safely.

1- Make sure the safety and health measures are respected

By protecting yourself you also protect others. The government recommends simple gestures which can save lives when properly applied :

  • Wash hands before and after visiting an establishment
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Keep  a distance of at least 1-meter with other people
  • When it is possible, wear a mask and gloves

To reinforce these measures, visitors must be provided with hydroalcoholic gels at the entrance of the establishment.

Visitors can be reminded of these rules with posters at the entrance and through your digital channels.

2- Clean public spaces as much as possible

Shops which provides essential needs, hospitals and others are having to deal with the regulation of the access to establishments limiting the number of people in a confine area at the same time. However, some things are more difficult to control, such as preventing people from touching common surfaces.

As a result, you also need to clean regularly all those surfaces : desks, conveyor belts, caddies, shelves…

3- Limit interactions between staff and visitors

To limit interaction between visitors and staff, it is essential to provide as much information as possible before, during and after their visit. In the frame of the epidemic, it is important they are informed of the establishments regulations. To do so:

  • Favour online communication (website, social media, text messages and mails…)
  • Promote take-away and delivery sales when it is possible
  • Communicate on-site with posters

A digital management queue solution would enable your visitors to reduce waiting in line and respect social distancing. A system of text message or push notification when it's their turn, limites interactions with the staff.

4- Ensure your staff is aware of safety measures

Social distancing and health rules also relate to staff members. It is highly recommended that they are informed on how to applicate those rules.

5- Reduce congestion by implementing a virtual queue

Visitors’ safety starts outside the establishment, where safety measures are more difficult to monitor. Our solution : the Lineberty solution of queue digitalisation.

Lineberty eliminates physical queues : the visitor gets a digital ticket from his phone and is notified when it’s his turn. This way, he can wait at home, in his car, etc.. without any risk of losing his rank.

Moreover, Lineberty offers a special packaged version of its solution for the current situation.

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