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How to eliminate queues and preserve social distancing in your establishment?

Social distancing measures are recommended by governments, and will continue to be enforced at the end of the lockdown. The number of people in public places will be limited and crowds will be regulated at the entrance. This may generate long queues as we could observe in many supermarkets for instance.
To prevent your visitors from waiting in line for a long time and being stressed, we recommend you to implement a solution to eliminate physical queues.

The Lineberty solution makes your mobile phone queue up for you

Lineberty is a waiting digital management solution, and offers a simplified kit of its solution to handle the post-lockdown situation. The service is easy to set-up and to operate:

  • Your visitors will not have to wait in a queue anymore
  • You only need a mere smartphone to manage the virtual queue
  • The use does not require any training

How does it work ?

The Lineberty solution is simple, easy to set-up, very user-friendly for both operators and visitors.

1- Discover the service: When he arrives, the visitor finds out that he needs to register thanks to posters and / or to a welcomer.

2- Register in the virtual queue:

  • If he has a smartphone :He scans a QR code from his smartphone and gets to a web app where he can register in the virtual queue.
  • If he does not have a smartphone : from a mobile interface, the operator registers the visitor thanks to his mobile phone.
  • If he does not have a mobile phone : the operator generates a virtual ticket, asks him to stand apart and lets him know when it’s his/her turn.

3- Wait virtually: the visitor gets a digital ticket. He waits in the car, at home or at least, away from the establishment.

  • On the web app, he can follow the queue progression and the number of people in front of him.
  • On the web app or by text message, he can cancel or re-plan his ticket anytime.

4- Get alerted: when it’s almost his turn, he is notified by push notification or text message and is invited to get close to the establishment.

5- Enter the establishment: When it’s his turn, he gets a second notification and shows up at the entrance. The operator validates the ticket with 1 clic, and the visitor can access the establishment.

Why would I use the solution in my establishment ?

To maintain security distances:

  • Visitors can register remotely in the virtual queue and follow the progress of the queue from home or from their car
  • Only the visitors who have been call are getting to the entrance of the establishment. This limits the number of people in the place. 

To reduce visitors stress

  • Visitors can enjoy their free time while waiting and no longer face stress of the exposure.
  • Waiting time is more comfortable
  • Visitors are reassured that they will not lose their turn : they can get away from the crowd.

To upgrade staff’s working conditions

  • The staff can manage the queue and the entrance from a smartphone and can apply social distancing.
  • When necessary, they can stop the ticket validation which interrupts the queue progress and limits the crowd.

To monitor the establishment flows from an administration interface

  • Managers can remotely follow the progress of the virtual queue.
  • Afterwards, they can analyse the flows to improve the understanding and organisation of the flows, and to possibly reallocate the staff.

To get more information about the Lineberty package to fight the epidemic after the lockdown, click here

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